Friday, April 5, 2013

Currently Stalking: Ms. & Mrs. 'Good Luck' Mini Emergency Kit

"...everything you might need on the go, including a mending kit, earring backs, double-sided tape, hair spray and even stain-remover towelette". 

As a lady who enjoys filling her purse with every possible essential item under the sun (confessions of a purse hoarder). I was so excited to see a ready-made kit that included most of the items I try to remember to stuff into my already exhausted purse. How many times have you checked your purse and wished you has a pin, nail file, or mending kit? Well look no further, this love is here to help during these mini emergencies. 

Now available at Nordstrom

From my cluttered purse to yours, 

P.S. My stalking knows no boundaries


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